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Healing is not an individual act, but a collective endeavor.

Are you looking to build a Culture of Wellness in your organization? Transformative wellness involves much more than simply changing behaviors. I specialize in creating SMART Wellness solutions that support long-term, sustainable change.

Let’s Rework Your Workplace

Envision a workplace community that is non-extractive, innovative, and focused on cultural value add rather than culture fit. We will work together to:

Develop healing-centered leadership that values the contributions of all employees so they feel seen, heard, and valued by the organization.

Confront systemic racism and bias to improve health equity.

Support your organization’s commitment to wellness equity by providing culturally responsive, healing centered wellness solutions that are experiential and rooted in liberation.

I’m a board certified psychiatrist and Emotional Liberation Strategist who specializes in helping high-achievers learn to reprogram old patterns that no longer serve their growth or well-being so that they can live lives with more meaning, purpose and impact.

Whether helping a non-profit leader find her voice navigating as a Black leader in a predominantly white organization or a corporate leader focus on her emotional wellbeing in spite of work-related demands, I help my clients learn to honor themselves and prioritize wellness. My wellness strategies transform feelings of self-doubt and overwhelm to feeling capable, confident, and in control.

The superstars who work with me have a renewed sense of clarity and purpose that allows them to live fearlessly and authentically, love all of who they are and create strategies for cultivating calm even in the midst of chaos.

The Emotional Liberation Lab is a one-of-a-kind small group experience for high achieving, conscientious humans who want to:

break the cycle of generational trauma

whole-person wellness

Create a lifetime of transformational shifts in their lives

Corporate Wellness

how to work together

Workshops, trainings, and strategic planning to help your organization create a culture of wellness that allows everyone to thrive.

Small Group Experience

Small group experiences that center the BIPOC experience.



In The Emotional Liberation Lab, we will lay the foundation for a lifetime of transformational shifts in your personal and professional life.

Together, we will sort through the roadblocks that may be standing in the way of having more energy, peace of mind, and healthy relationships with yourself and others. We will also learn strategies for breaking the cycle of generational trauma while reclaiming ancestral wisdom. The powerful tools learned in The Lab will enable you to cultivate internal calm – even in the midst of external chaos.

My mission is to help visionary change-makers 
learn to center wellbeing so they can live lives
 with more meaning, purpose and impact.