SMART Wellness recognizes that we are all teachers. The lived experience and shared wisdom of each participant informs the entire group.

Healing Centered

Cultural wisdom, spirituality, and civic action are invited into the collective experience of healing racialized trauma.

Rooted in Liberation

Our ultimate goal is the dismantle the structures, norms, and ideals that stand in the way of collective growth and liberation.

African diasporic cultural wisdom meets modern brain science.


BIPOC employees-especially post-pandemic-have found a sense of relief while working from home. A Future Forum study found that 97 percent of Black respondents wanted to continue to work remotely or in a hybrid model. For many Black employees, working from home has allowed a temporary reprieve from the daily microaggressions that they often experience in the workplace. In the same study, 64 percent of those same respondents felt they could manage their stress better while working remotely. Although many organizations are offering initiatives aimed at supporting mental health, these offerings often are not culturally responsive, meaning that they are unable to meet the unique emotional wellness needs of employees from diverse backgrounds.

You’re committed…but it’s not working.

Corporate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of your corporate Culture. In the wake of recent racial equality and social justice movements, that commitment to your employees’ emotional heath and wellbeing must deepen.

With good intentions, your company has introduced diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) into its corporate policies. However, the existing corporate structure doesn’t necessarily make room for meaningful and relevant change. Retrofitting DEI into existing policies, philosophies, and corporate structures hasn’t brought about the kind of change intended.

Now is the time to ensure that your DEI initiatives are positively affecting your employees and in turn, your bottom line. Poorly thought out DEI initiatives can result in lost productivity, absenteeism, and high turnover due to mental health issues related to racism and bias.

I specialize in helping mission driven organizations build safe and inclusive workplace cultures so that they can attract and retain the best and brightest talent.

Business as usual is often built around extractive models that exploit the time, emotional resources and creativity of the workforce while offering very little in return other than a paycheck. What many leaders fail to recognize is that today’s workforce is looking for something more meaningful than a paycheck. They want to derive meaning from the work that they do and to feel that they are connected to something bigger than themselves.

When those factors are missing, it creates a perfect setup for burnout. Feelings of burnout are often exacerbated when individuals feel overwhelmed and undervalued. This can have very real consequences for the organization.

Lost productivity, absenteeism, high turnover (and associated costs of recruiting and training new employees), higher health insurance costs add up to an estimated $80-100 billion per year according to NAMI.

There is a better way.

Rather than following outdated, exploitative models, regenerative workplace cultures are grounded in mutual exchange. This ensures that organizations are better off because of their employees and employees are better off because of their work.

Reimagine your organization’s workplace culture.

Incorporating SMART Wellness solutions
into the workplace can result in:

Decreasing the lowered productivity and lost revenue associated with mental health.

Increased retention of the best and brightest talent

Shifting the organizational lens to one that recognizes the important contributions of all employees

Employees feeling seen, heard and valued by the organization

Strengthening the commitment to wellness equity by providing wellness solutions that are culturally responsive, healing centered, and rooted in liberation