I help you navigate wellness in spite of the systems, structures, and cultural norms that stop us from living fearlessly and authentically.

Do you struggle with being the

Although you have a solid sense of your cultural identity, you also recognize that, in certain environments, there are inherent risks in bringing your ‘full self’ to work. 

The balancing act of making sure that your language, behavior and appearance fit into your company’s culture can feel exhausting.

first and only?

Imagine a safe space to reflect on the areas of your life where you are thriving, as well as gain clarity around the areas where you would like to show up more fully.

We’ll unpack how systems and structures such as historical trauma, racism and structural inequality contribute to shaping our identity and self image - often without our awareness.

In spite of your efforts to blend in at work, you may still find yourself feeling invisible yet hyper-visible at the same time.

With this newfound clarity, we’ll:

reclaim cultural and ancestral wisdom as key aspects of supporting the work of healing racialized trauma

establish boundaries that honor wellbeing

identify safe spaces for showing up fully and authentically.

You are meant for something bolder and more meaningful than what you have been led to believe is possible for your life        career.


That’s where I come in…

The Emotional Liberation Lab is a small group experience where I will teach you the formula for letting go of the old patterns, programs and behaviors that no longer serve your growth or wellbeing so that you can live life with more meaning, purpose and impact.

I teach you strategies that will allow you to love all of who you are, live fearlessly and authentically, and cultivate internal calm– even in the midst of external chaos.

I’m so excited to partner with you on your wellness journey!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”


I am a board-certified psychiatrist, functional medicine practitioner and founder of Imara Health and Wellness. As a psychiatrist, I recognize that, in order to truly become well, we must understand how history, culture and neuroscience collectively shape our worldview. This recognition can be used as a catalyst for individual and societal transformation.

As a speaker and educator, I understand the transformative power of connection to community and an awareness and understanding of cultural value systems in helping individuals and communities carve out a path to wellness.

REAWAKEN YOUR              SELF.


You know that you are meant to be a beacon of light in an increasingly dark world .